MQTT Kafka Bridge

The technical documentation of the mqtt-kafka-bridge microservice, which transfers messages from MQTT brokers to Kafka Brokers and vice versa.

Mqtt-kafka-bridge is a microservice that acts as a bridge between MQTT brokers and Kafka brokers, transfering messages from one to the other and vice versa.

This microservice requires that the Kafka Topic umh.v1.kafka.newTopic exits. This will happen automatically from version 0.9.12.

Since version 0.9.10, it allows all raw messages, even if their content is not in a valid JSON format.

How it works

Mqtt-kafka-bridge consumes topics from a message broker, translates them to the proper format and publishes them to the other message broker.

Kubernetes resources

  • Deployment: united-manufacturing-hub-mqttkafkabridge
  • Secret:
    • Kafka: united-manufacturing-hub-mqttkafkabridge-kafka-secrets
    • MQTT: united-manufacturing-hub-mqttkafkabridge-mqtt-secrets


You shouldn’t need to configure mqtt-kafka-bridge manually, as it’s configured automatically when the cluster is deployed. However, if you need to change the configuration, you can do it by editing the mqttkafkabridge section of the Helm chart values file.

Environment variables

Environment variables
Variable nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valuesDefault
DEBUG_ENABLE_FGTRACEEnables the use of the fgtrace library. Not reccomended for productionstringtrue, falsefalse
INSECURE_SKIP_VERIFYSkip TLS certificate verificationbooltrue, falsetrue
KAFKA_ACCEPT_NO_ORIGINAllow access to the Kafka broker without a valid x-tracebooltrue, falsefalse
KAFKA_BASE_TOPICThe Kafka base topicstringAnyia
KAFKA_BOOTSTRAP_SERVERURL of the Kafka broker used, port is requiredstringAnyunited-manufacturing-hub-kafka:9092
KAFKA_LISTEN_TOPICKafka topic to subscribe to. Accept regex valuesstringAny^ia.+
KAFKA_SENDER_THREADSNumber of threads used to send messages to KafkaintAny1
KAFKA_SSL_KEY_PASSWORDKey password to decode the SSL private keystringAny""
LOGGING_LEVELDefines which logging level is used, mostly relevant for developersstringPRODUCTION, DEVELOPMENTPRODUCTION
MESSAGE_LRU_SIZESize of the LRU cache used to store messages. This is used to prevent duplicate messages from being sent to Kafka.intAny100000
MICROSERVICE_NAMEName of the microservice (used for tracing)stringAnyunited-manufacturing-hub-mqttkafkabridge
MQTT_BROKER_URLThe MQTT broker URLstringAnyunited-manufacturing-hub-mqtt:1883
MQTT_CERTIFICATE_NAMESet to NO_CERT to allow non-encrypted MQTT access, or to USE_TLS to use TLS encryptionstringUSE_TLS, NO_CERTUSE_TLS
MQTT_SENDER_THREADSNumber of threads used to send messages to MQTTintAny1
MQTT_TOPICMQTT topic to subscribe to. Accept regex valuesstringAnyia/#
RAW_MESSSAGE_LRU_SIZESize of the LRU cache used to store raw messages. This is used to prevent duplicate messages from being sent to Kafka.intAny100000
SERIAL_NUMBERSerial number of the cluster (used for tracing)stringAnydefault
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