The technical documentation of the grafana microservice, which is a web application that provides visualization and analytics capabilities.

The grafana microservice is a web application that provides visualization and analytics capabilities. Grafana allows you to query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics no matter where they are stored.

It has a rich ecosystem of plugins that allow you to extend its functionality beyond the core features.

How it works

Grafana is a web application that can be accessed through a web browser. It let’s you create dashboards that can be used to visualize data from the database.

Thanks to some custom datasource plugins, Grafana can use the various APIs of the United Manufacturing Hub to query the database and display useful information.

Kubernetes resources

  • Deployment: united-manufacturing-hub-grafana
  • Service:
    • External LoadBalancer: united-manufacturing-hub-grafana at port 8080
  • ConfigMap: united-manufacturing-hub-grafana
  • Secret: grafana-secret
  • PersistentVolumeClaim: united-manufacturing-hub-grafana


Grafana is configured through its user interface. The default credentials are found in the grafana-secret Secret.

The Grafana installation that is provided by the United Manufacturing Hub is shipped with a set of preinstalled plugins:

  • ACE.SVG by Andrew Rodgers
  • Button Panel by CloudSpout LLC
  • Button Panel by UMH Systems Gmbh
  • Discrete by Natel Energy
  • Dynamic Text by Marcus Olsson
  • FlowCharting by agent
  • Pareto Chart by isaozler
  • Pie Chart (old) by Grafana Labs
  • Timepicker Buttons Panel by williamvenner
  • UMH Datasource by UMH Systems Gmbh
  • UMH Datasource v2 by UMH Systems Gmbh
  • Untimely by factry
  • Worldmap Panel by Grafana Labs

Environment variables

Environment variables
Variable nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valuesDefault
FACTORYINSIGHT_APIKEYThe API key to use to authenticate to the Factoryinsight APIstringAnyBase64 encoded string
FACTORYINSIGHT_BASEURLThe base URL of the Factoryinsight APIstringAnyunited-manufacturing-hub-factoryinsight-service
FACTORYINSIGHT_CUSTOMERIDThe customer ID to use to authenticate to the Factoryinsight APIstringAnyfactoryinsight
FACTORYINSIGHT_PASSWORDThe password to use to authenticate to the Factoryinsight APIstringAnyRandom UUID
GF_PATHS_DATAThe path where Grafana will store its datastringAny/var/lib/grafana/data
GF_PATHS_LOGSThe path where Grafana will store its logsstringAny/var/log/grafana
GF_PATHS_PLUGINSThe path where Grafana will store its pluginsstringAny/var/lib/grafana/plugins
GF_PATHS_PROVISIONINGThe path where Grafana will store its provisioning configurationstringAny/etc/grafana/provisioning
GF_PLUGINS_ALLOW_LOADING_UNSIGNED_PLUGINSList of plugin identifiers to allow loading even if they lack a valid signaturestringComma separated listumh-datasource,umh-factoryinput-panel,umh-v2-datasource
GF_SECURITY_ADMIN_PASSWORDThe password of the admin userstringAnyRandom UUID
GF_SECURITY_ADMIN_USERThe username of the admin userstringAnyadmin
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