Tulip Connector

The technical documentation of the tulip-connector microservice, which exposes internal APIs, such as factoryinsight, to the internet. Specifically designed to communicate with Tulip.

This microservice is still in development and is not considered stable for production use.

The tulip-connector microservice enables communication with the United Manufacturing Hub by exposing internal APIs, like factoryinsight, to the internet. With this REST endpoint, users can access data stored in the UMH and seamlessly integrate Tulip with a Unified Namespace and on-premise Historian. Furthermore, the tulip-connector can be customized to meet specific customer requirements, including integration with an on-premise MES system.

How it works

The tulip-connector acts as a proxy between the internet and the UMH. It exposes an endpoint to forward requests to the UMH and returns the response.

API documentation

Kubernetes resources

  • Deployment: united-manufacturing-hub-tulip-connector-deployment
  • Service:
    • Internal ClusterIP: united-manufacturing-hub-tulip-connector-service at port 80
  • Ingress: united-manufacturing-hub-tulip-connector-ingress


You can enable the tulip-connector and set the domain for the ingress by editing the values in the _000_commonConfig.tulipconnector section of the Helm chart values file.

Environment variables

Environment variables
Variable nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valuesDefault
FACTORYINSIGHT_PASSWORDSpecifies the password for the admin user for the REST APIstringAnyRandom UUID
FACTORYINSIGHT_URLSpecifies the URL of the factoryinsight microservice.stringAnyhttp://united-manufacturing-hub-factoryinsight-service
FACTORYINSIGHT_USERSpecifies the admin user for the REST APIstringAnyfactoryinsight
MODESpecifies the mode that the service will run in. Change only during developmentstringdev, prodprod
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