The technical documentation of the cameraconnect microservice, which caputers images from a camera and sends them to the MQTT broker.

This microservice is no longer developed by UMH. Contact Anticipate for further information.

The cameraconnect microservice is responsible for capturing images from a camera and sending them to the MQTT broker.

How it works

Kubernetes resources

  • Deployment: united-manufacturing-hub-cameraconnect


Environment variables

Environment variables
Variable nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valuesDefault
ACQUISITION_DELAYThe delay between the trigger and the acquisition of the image.stringValid float number0.0
BROKER_URLURL of the MQTT brokerstringAnyssl://united-manufacturing-hub-hivemq-ce-local-service.united-manufacturing-hub:8883
CAMERA_INTERFACEThe interface of the camerastringAnyGenICam
CUBE_TRANSMITTERIDThe hostname of the device to which the camera is connectedstringAnydefault
CYCLE_TIMEThe time between two consecutive acquisitions. Only relevant when trigger is set to ContinuousstringValid integer number4
DEFAULT_GENTL_PRODUCER_PATHThe default path to the GenTL producerstringAny/app/assets/producer_files
EXPOSURE_AUTOWhether the exposure time is automatically adjusted.stringOnce, Off, ContinuousOff
EXPOSURE_TIMEThe exposure time of the camera in milliseconds.stringValid integer number1000
IMAGE_CHANNELSThe number of color channels of the image.stringValid integer number3
IMAGE_HEIGHTThe height of the image in number of pixels.stringValid integer number800
IMAGE_WIDTHThe width of the image in number of pixels.stringValid integer number800
LOGGING_LEVELDefines which logging level is used, mostly relevant for developers.stringPRODUCTION, DEVELOPMENTPRODUCTION
MAC_ADDRESSThe MAC address of the camera.stringValid MAC address02-2625A-09849
PIXEL_FORMATThe pixel format used in the image.stringMono8, RGB8Packed, BGR8PackedMono8
TRIGGERHow the camera is triggered, either via MQTT or continuosly.stringMQTT, ContinuousMQTT
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